About me

I grew up on a farm on the southern Danish island Langeland in very close contact with nature and animals. As a child I was far away from playmates and leisure activities, but I developed a creative mind spending hours painting, drawing and modelling, and to make creativity for a living was my dream.
However after my graduation from the highschool, Svendborg Gymnasium, I moved to Copenhagen and studied physiotherapy. In the following years enjoying creative activities became a kind of relaxation from a busy working day with a full-time job and being the mother of three children.

In 1984 I won the 1st prize in a competition organized by Landsforeningen Dansk Arbejde (The Union of Danish Labour) with a papercut of music playing guardsmen, and hereafter I started to design many cards for special occations for a Danish Company called STENDER.

In my spare time I also started selling creative ideas for magazines and other companies, and in 1992 I participated in a new contest arranged by a weekly magazine to find the best papercutting artist in Denmark, and this event connected me to the publishing house Aschehoug (now called Lindhardt og Ringhof). I became an author of popular DIY Crafts books, and the first one was published in the spring 1993, and until now I am the author of 38 books with creative inspiration for children and adults, and my books have sold more than 500.000 copies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Since 2000 I have been working full-time as a freelance author, designer and illustrator, so my dream in childhood was fulfilled and is a good story about catching your dreams, following your heart and believe in your gift.