Shown are covers and short descriptions of the books with creative ideas for Christmas decorations


Jul med nisseklip published 2015

Templates and inspiration to make your own Santa Caluses and pixies (called “nisser” in Danish). You will only need cardboard and a scissor, and it´s a book for the whole family.

Elegant juleklip    Published 1993 in Danish

Ideas and templates for DIY crafts for elegant and beautiful ornaments for the Christmas tree in Scandinavian style, decorations for the table, walls and windows, and Christmas cards with angels, hearts, paper cones, birds, stars and a lot more to make the Holiday special and memorable.

Nisseklip     Published 1994 in Danish

In Denmark we love elfs for Christmas, and here you get templates and ideas to make more that a hundred different elfs (pixies, nisser). Most of the ideas in the book are made in paper and cardboard but other materials are also used, and you can use the elfs for mobiles in the window, decoration on the Christmas table, as ornament on the Christmas tree, Christmas cards etc.

Juleklip     Published 1996 in Danish

The book shows a number of joyful ideas for Christmas crafts for children and adults such as baskets, paper cones, wreaths and garlands with lights. You will also find stars, angels on clouds, a fitnes Santa Claus, marzipan pigs, golden birds and mobiles with Christmas settings such as “Stable with Christmas tree and pixies” and “Romantic Christmas window”.

Engleklip    Published 1997 in Danish

Numerous angels swarm in this book from clouds and stars. With materials as cardboard, scissor and glue you can produce small angels, big angelsm happy angels, funny angels, stylish angels and even “fallen angels” and a few devils and demons.

Nu` det jul igen                Published 1998 in Danish and 2012 as e-book

A festive book with all the loves Christmas songs and hymns being the inspiration for many new and joyful ideas for the entire family. The ornaments for the Christmas tree, mobiles, hang ups and table decorations are designed and based on songs as “Højt fra træets grønne top”, ” Silent night-Holy night/ Glade jul, dejlige jul”, “Rudolf the red nose reindeer/ Rudolf med den røde tud”, “På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød”, “Santa Lucia”, “Jingle bells/Bjældeklang” and many more.

Juleklip med harmonikapapir     Published 1999 in Danish

A Christmas book for those, who like to make their own ornaments and decorations and want to try an new material called “Honeycomb paper/ tissue paper”. The “Honeycomb paper” consists of many layers of tissue paper, that are cut in shape as a heart, a ball, a christmas tree etc. and after being pulled out, the workpiece is glued to cardboard creating an intriguing 3D effect. The book contains many ideas for pixies/elfs, snowmen, Christmas trees, flowers, angels, cones and decoration for Christmas or New Year´s dinner table.

Klippenissens julebog       Published 2000 in Danish

An enjoyable Christmas book for children with many ideas for Christmas crafts in different materials. The ” Klippenissen/ Craft-Pixie” shows its Christmas decorations on twenty- four colourful photographs and describes its preparations for Christmas with twenty-four fun rhymes. The easily accessible instructions and short guides make it easy for children to create a festive Holiday spirit with decorations for the tree, table, windows and doors.

Jul med vinduesfarver    Published 2001 in Danish and Norwegian

In this Christmas book you will find many fun and festive decorations mad with “Window Colour” such as angels, Pixies/elfs, hearts, Christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread women and Santas that can be placed on smooth surfaces like windows, mirrows, tiles and porcelain. All templates are full size and come with detailed instructions.

Nye elegante juleklip    Published 2001 in Danish

This book does not contain any elfs but many ideas for stylish and elegant Christmas ornaments for the tree, the windows, the table and the Cristmas cards made in affordable cardboard of gold, silver and white and decorated with beads and sequins .

Julen i papir, pynt og perler  Published 2003 (Danish and Norwegian) and as e-book october 2012

Both young and old love the tradition of creating a distinctive, warm atmosphere with lights and decorations that belongs to Christmas. In this book you will find many festive and exciting ideas for renewing the decorations with both new and traditional colors and materials. gather your family and get inspired by the stylish color images and follow the instructions to make cute angels, happy pixies, snowmen, stylish paper cones, hearts, stars and beaded decorations.

De små juler    Published 2005  (Danish and Norwegian) and as e-book 2009

A joyful book for children and their family with inspiration for many creative hours throughout December. Sweet pixies, nice angels, festive reindeers, Christmas stockings, snowflakes, amusing Christmas cards and much more are produced in materials as cardboard, pipecleaners, beads and felt. The designs are easy to handle for children´s fingers and you can easily add a personal touch by using your own imagination and fantasy.

Nissejul      Published 2007  (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish)

A Christmas without pixies is not a “real” Christmas and this book is full of pixies and many ideas for those who wish to make them themselves. Here are pixies made of cardboard, sewn in felt and fleece or made of yarn and pipecleaner, and all the designs come with easy instructions and full size templates  and a lot of inspiration for all “pixiefriends”.