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Danish author of 39 crafts books for children and adults. The first book was published in 1993 by Aschehoug, and in 2009 and 2010 two books have been published by Cappelen Damm, Norway. A great deal of all the books is translated into Norwegian, Swedish and  Icelandic language and a single one into French.

In 2009, the publishing company Forlaget Gitte Schou Hansen was founded and  January 2020 the picture book “Suttemusens skæve tænder” was published as paperbook and e-book.

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Suttemusens skæve tænder, a new picture book for children when using a pacifier comes to an end

The book will be published the 20th of janury 2020 in Danish as paperbook and as  ebook. (36 pages with illustrations and text)

“Suttemusens skæve tænder” is a sweet and funny picture book for children when using a pacifier comes to an end. A Pacifier mouse is a very special and rare kind, as it loves pacifiers and especially to EAT them! You meet them rarely, as a Pacifier mouse walks so softly at night, when the children are asleep, and just take a little bite of the pacifier. One day our naughty Pacifier mouse eats too much and gets pain in the stomach, but that´s not the worst! The poor mouse also hear talk about pacifier teeth and crooked teeth and gets so frightened, but luckily everything have a happy ending!

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